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At the end of your first year, you will have gained the necessary management knowledge and practical experience to choose your field of specialisation. The European Master in Management offers a specialisation year in either Corporate Finance, Marketing or Organisation, Change & Strategy; three highly coveted sectors of today's global economy. The opportunity to study a range of specialist modules taught by the leading European institution for that specialism, twinned with a second internship opportunity will serve as a tangible proof of your abilities to future recruiters. 

Students following the Marketing track at Aston Business School will take an interdisciplinary "big picture" approach to marketing in the international business environment. Participants choosing to attend LMU will comprehend the risks and opportunities associated with the main drivers of change and how to manage the economic challenges within an international organisation through the Organisation, Strategy & Change track. The Corporate Finance specialisation at EMLYON Business School’s European Campus in Lyon or Asian Campus in Shanghai will train financial specialists with the skills to advance in a sector characterised by constant change, high risk and continuous innovation.

Marketing at Aston Business School:

Compulsory modules:

- Foundations of Marketing Science
- Consumer Behaviour Theory
- Dissertation Proposal

Students then select 3 modules from the following:

- Marketing Consultancy
- Experimental Marketing Research
- Strategic Business Sustainability
- Communicating Sustainability
- Business, Ethics, Responsibility and Human Rights
- Quantitative Methods: Marketing Research
- Qualitative Methods: Marketing Research

"I personally chose to come to Aston Business School in order to study the field of marketing in greater depth. I studied a variety of subjects such as consumer behaviour, sales force management, marketing strategy and brand management. Aston University offers a great environment for learning and living, with a very international campus, located near the centre of Birmingham.Jonathan Garret, English and French, current student

Corporate Finance at EMLYON Business School: 

(European or Asian Campus) 

The large range of courses in the Corporate Finance specialisation are organised into academic study paths, aiming to provide students with the necessary competences for a specific financial profession. Courses may include, but are not limited to:

 - Advanced Corporate Finance
 - Financial Decision Making
 - Management and Cost Accounting
 - Financial Economics
 - Risk Management for Financial Institutions
 - Financial Diagnosis
 - Portfolio Management
 - Insurance Markets

"After having successfully completed my internship in an investment bank in Paris, I wanted to further deepen my knowledge in finance. The EMM specialisation at EMLYON Business School offered me the possibility to choose within a wide range of courses related to finance, thus enabling me to focus on a particular branch of corporate finance I was interested in. Once I graduate, I see myself pursuing an international career in finance, benefiting from the knowledge and tools I gained from my specialisation in Lyon."  Maxime Pecsteen from Belgium, current student

"I chose the programme for the inventive and unique entrepreneurial and finance contents that the European Master in Management offers” Gokhan Isbir from Turkey, Graduate of the programme and currently a Business Analyst at Baxter, Brussels

Organisation, Strategy & Change at LMU:

Courses of this specialisation include:

Learning how to create value

-  Case study course in Innovation and Strategy
 - Entrepreneurship and Growth Management

Learning how to manage and create sustainable profits
 - E-Commerce
 - Marketing Asset Management
 - Strategic Change

Learning how to face the challenges of being in power

 - Management Communications
 - Thinking strategically - Competing for Advantage

"The EMM specialisation in strategy and innovation offers many interesting classes with practical  learnings. You will be able to tackle topics such as e-Commerce, strategy and innovation, entrepreneurship, strategic change etc...There are several group projects for classes and business partners. Those allowed us to improve our communication skills, meet new people, and extend our network. LMU is located in downtown Munich which makes it easy to access and discover the city. In addition, Munich is a lovely city. We have enjoyed the christmas markets, biergarten, and the snow!" - Sophie Dang from France, current student of the programme

"I chose LMU's specialisation because it corresponds with what I want to do after I graduate and gives me a more international background." - Yuan Pan, 2013 Graduate

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