Hints & tips to apply successfully!

“Demonstrate that you have carefully considered your options, and you are applying to the programme that fits your career goals best.”

"What is important when you apply at EMLYON, regardless of the graduate programme, is to clearly demonstrate that you have thought through what you would like to achieve by enrolling in the programme. Have you clearly identified what the gaps are between your current competencies and those you will need for the job you aim to get after graduating? How will the programme help you reach your career goals? If you show that you have documented yourself, and that your application is part of your plan to take charge of your career, it will certainly work to your advantage. Be honest and open about who you are and in which direction you want to take your career. It’s OK not to have the perfect profile or background, what matters most are your motivation, your expectations and your willingness to work hard to achieve your goals."
Philippe Marillat des Mercières, Professor in Finance, Head of Specialised Masters 

Here’s how Paul Hampton (USA) showed this in his application.

"In terms of my expectations, the EMM programme will give me certain advantages over non-EMM holders.  In addition to hiring opportunities and better pay, an EMM will grant me more networking opportunities and better skills.  I want to specialise in international marketing, and Aston Business School has one of the best programs for an international transition.  On one hand I realise an EMM is no silver bullet and will not automatically grant me an executive or management position, but I also believe it will grant me access to a better career and a higher quality of life.

Once I graduate, I plan on pursuing an internationally marketing job in Europe at mid-management level for 4-5 years after my European Master in Management.  A solid foundation in international business is necessary with the 21st century globalisation.  With the experience gained to market on a larger scale successfully, then I will be better positioned to transition into my long term goal of applying green technologies to promote sustainable living."
Paul Hampton - European Master in Management - American Graduate, Market Analyst in San Francisco

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